Bedgebury camping shop opening times

There is a small campsite shop onsite which stocks camping essentials and some grocery and non-grocery items which you may need during your stay.  The shop opens at 08:30 hrs each morning.

Camping groceries

At Bedgebury Camping we sell some of the daily essentials including milk, bread and eggs.  We have a large freezer which we keep well stocked with bags of ice cubes and ice creams for hot summer days! 

Campfire Goods

We stock a number of goods for the campfire: including kindling, firewood, hay bales, fire starters, matches and marshmallows.


Treats for kids

Our campsite shop provides a good opportunity for children to make their own age-appropriate purchases and learn about dealing with money.  We sell a range of chocolate bars, bags of sweets, individual tuck-shop sweets, ice creams, pop corn and crisps.  We also stock chocolate digestive biscuits and we always have marshmallows - perfect for a quick S'mores recipe.  

You can also buy small toys, games,  light-up novelties and glow sticks. 

Campsite selling camping equipment

The shop at Bedgebury Camping sells some camping equipment including tent pegs, mallets, water carriers, a variety of torches, camping kettles and insulated mugs.