Large family gatherings places to stay

It can be tricky finding places to stay for large family gatherings or special reunions.  Depending on the size of your family, the size and availability of some types of accommodation does not always work.   

Bedgebury Camping can provide a place to stay for families looking to get together this summer.   Family groups or reunions of most sizes can be accommodation over the summer months in our large camping fields.   

Large pitch camping for large groups 

The large camping pitches at Bedgebury Camping mean that tents or campervans can be arranged in a formation that suits the group, often around a central campfire, for the most special camping experience.  All the usual rules apply to large groups i.e. no amplified or electronic music to be played at any point during the stay, and late night noise should be kept to a minimum.

Campsite food for family gatherings

As with most family gatherings, food is central to the whole experience and family gatherings at Bedgebury Camping are no exception. We are amazed by the amount of effort some families at go to with their campsite cuisine, often laying on spectacular banquet-like meals for their families with quite complex dishes and trays of beautiful, fresh produce. 

Special family experiences in Kent

At Bedgebury Camping in Kent we have seen campers in black tie wear, and ball gowns, sitting at camping tables adorned with candelabras, and champagne flutes, so if you want to make the camping weekend in Kent a bit special, you can! 

Other times, simple is best and cooking over a campfire or barbecue is what is required.   Indeed, the novelty of cooking over an open fire can make mealtimes memorable and fun, but still special.

At Bedgebury Camping we allow campfires for sitting around or cooking over, or both. As long as it is supervised, the campfire can then provide the focus for the whole family when the sun goes down.

Of course, pudding doesn't have to involve marshmallows, but you can't go camping and not have them at least once – toast them on a stick over the campfire until they are a bit golden and crunchy on the outside and meltingly soft in the middle.