Junior Forestry Activities for Children

For ages 3 – 6

All Junior Forestry Activities are 1 hour in length and occur every Saturday during the open days of the campsite. Each costs £6 per child per course. All equipment will be provided.

The courses taking place this year are listed below.

Adventures of Stick Man

Follow the story of stick man and build your own to take away.

Fairy Crafting

Create your own woodland fairy out of clay.

Green Man Folklore

Follow the story of the Green Man and build your own mask.

Where the Fairies Dwell

Make a fairy home and visit the fairies home.

Smugglers Treasure Hunt

Follow the clues the the smugglers treasure.

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If you'd like to book please go through the standard booking process or if you aren't camping with us please go to the Activities only booking section. For further information please send an e-mail to Leigh.Sansom@bedgeburycamping.co.uk

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