10 reasons to visit Bedgebury Camping in Kent this summer

If you are looking for an easy and fun summer camping weekend this year, there are loads of reasons to visit Bedgebury Camping in Kent!

1. Campsite near things to do in Kent

Bedgebury Camping is a campsite with the best location.  It is only an hour from London but almost on our door step is an array of great days out.  The nearby Bedgebury Forest is where fun adventures can be had on foot, on bikes and up in the tree canopy!  There are numerous innovative and unusual play areas within the forest, with the Gruffalo trail also set within the forest. Then, there is Bewl Water the largest expanse of water in the south east offering family activites, obstacle course on water, fishing, leisure cruises and waterside dining.  Our nearest beach is Camber Sands, which is only around a 40 minute drive through pretty villages and country lanes. 

2.  We are in a Staycation Paradise!

Bedgebury Camping,  is situated in one of England's most picturesque landscapes - The High Weald of Kent. The HIgh Weald is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is characterised by its small farms and woodlands, historic parks, sunken lanes and ridge-top villages.  In fact, The High Weald was featured in The Daily Telegraph recentlyJournalist, Annabelle Thorpe, wrote that with gardens, vineyards, walks, historic National Trust Properties and fabulous pubs, the Kent AONB is a "staycation paradise to rival the Cotswolds...". 

3.  Family-friendly and dog-friendly camping at Bedgebury Camping

At Bedgebury Camping we welcome the entire family including children of all ages and well-behaved dogs. 

4.  We allow campfires at Bedgebury Camping

Bedgebury Camping is a campsite where campfires are allowed.  We provide the fire pit free of charge to use for the duration of the trip,  with no need to pre-book.  We sell wood and kindling from our shop on-site.

5.  Campsite with coffees, Martinis and more

Bedgebury Camping is a campsite with a small cafe bar.  'BOX 28' sells barista coffees and other hot drinks in the morning and it becomes a welcoming and fun cocktail bar in the afternoons/evening. Our mixologists will make you the perfect cocktail or mocktail served in a proper glass for an authentic experience, or in a take-away cup if you are going back to your tent.  There are also snacks available to enjoy with your drink.  BOX 28 is only a few minutes' walk from all parts of the campsite and offers outdoor and covered seating. 


6.  Bedgebury Camping has food available to buy on site

It can be a challenge organising the food for a whole weekend.  That is why on selected weekends Bedgebury Camping will be organising for cooked food to be available for sale on-site.  This includes freshly cooked breakfast items e.g. bacon rolls in the mornings on selected Saturdays and Sundays, and on some Saturday evenings there will be a number of cooked savoury dishes available to purchase, plus a few sweet treats for afterwards.  

7.  Bedgebury campsite with flushing toilets


Bedgebury Camping is a campsite with flushing loos.  We appreciate the importance of this aspect of a camping trip to some people so we offer both types of toilet - flushing and eco!  The flushing loos are located in the centre of the campsite, so a few minutes walk for everyone, whereas the eco loos are closer - and are more conveniently sited in the camping fields.

8.  You can embrace the space at Bedgebury Camping

Bedgebury Camping is a large campsite and ideal for those looking for spacious camping environment as it is spread over 70 acres.  Within the boundaries of the campsite there are fields for playing ball games, hills for running up and down, woodlands for playing hide and seek and tyre swings hanging from trees.  With so much space on the campsite to play in, there are endless opportunities for everyone to have fun.  

9.  Camping-friendly weather is more likely in Kent!

Everyone knows that the weather can make or break a camping trip.  According to the Met Office Kent’s position in southern England means it can boast ‘quiescent’ weather as it is as furthest from most depressions coming in from the Atlantic and their associated grey skies, winds and downpours!  Furthermore, due to Kent’s proximity to continental Europe, it can also benefit from the good weather experienced there.  

10.  You may find a four leaf clover! 

Bedgebury Camping can proudly testify to the existence of four leaf clovers in one of its camping fields. The four leaf clover is one of the most common good luck symbols in the western world, however, you only have a 1 in 10,000 chance of finding one!  The next lucky person to find a four leaf clover at Bedgebury Camping and bring it to Reception will win a prize!  

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