Bedgebury camping on-site Coffee Bar 

It is the little touches that really make a camping weekend memorable!  Bedgebury Camping is a campsite that sells coffees, teas and hot chocolates just the way you like them.  Our newest addition to the Bedgebury campsite BOX 28, does delicious take-away hot drinks any time of day. 

The morning coffees are a game changer and we can offer a range of barista style drinks including flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes and espressos, made with speciality milks if required.   Tea drinkers are not left out and we serve refreshing traditional cuppas, and herbal / fruit blends if preferred. 

Best luxury camping hot chocolate at Bedgebury Camping

When the evenings are little chilly or it has been a long day, we often get people stopping by before closing time to get a hot drink before turning in for the night.  Hot chocolates are a favourite and have been taken up to a new level of luxury at Bedgebury Camping with the arrival of the Bailey's Hot Chocolate, for the adults.  Take the best cup of hot chocolate and enrich it with a warming and indulgent slug of Bailey's Irish Cream.  Top it off with a generous swirl of whipped cream and marshmallows and then carry carefully back to your pitch.  Enjoy your drink whilst the orange flames of the campfire gently flicker in front of you.  

Bedgebury camping site selling cocktails, beers, ciders and wine

Bedgebury Camping is a campsite with an on-site bar selling classic cocktails, beers, ciders, wine and more.  After the morning coffees etc, we switch to making cocktails in the afternoon. 

We know how everyone loves a Cocktail when they are on their summer break and it is the same at Bedgebury Camping!  Campers can choose from our list of top cocktail classics including Espresso Martinis, passion fruit Martinis, Margaritas, Moscow Mules or Dark 'n' Stormy expertly shaken or poured over ice, and served in an elegant cocktail glass for the authentic experience.   On a very hot day why not choose a Frozen Margarita - the legendary tequila, triple sec and lime juice classic - blended with crushed ice, and served complete with sea salt rimmed glass and wedge of lime. 

Mocktails are popular too - the classics made without alcohol - but still prepared with expertise and care by our wonderful BOX 28 mixologists.  We even do take-away cocktails if campers prefer to have them at their pitches. 

If camping cocktails are not your thing, there is an array of other drinks from chilled largers, beers, ciders, Prosecco, spirits, mixers, plus a selection of wine and soft drinks to choose from. 

Crisps, nuts and snacks are also available to buy.  Outdoor seating at tables is available, and there is also covered seating under our amazing trapeze tents close by. 

Opening times of BOX 28 may differ slightly from one weekend to another. We will communicate details to lead bookers by email prior to arrival.  

Campsite with own drinks bar and pubs near by

With the Bedgebury Camping Bar in the centre of the campsite - there is no need to worry about driving to the campsite's nearby pub in Goudhurst or finding your way back through the lanes at night if you don't fancy it.  Just wander down with your friends or family to Bedgebury Camping's very own bar - BOX 28 - order your favourite tipple and have a great time with us!


For a Memorable Camping Weekend!