Camping weekends at Bedgebury camping in Kent

Have you been nominated as the lead booker for your group camping trip?  Whether you are part of a school group camping trip, dads and kids camping weekend or a small family camping party, assuming responsibility for organising other people can be fun but also stressful.  

To try and reduce the pressure on lead bookers, our booking system has been designed to allow the individual families within large groups to book and pay separately but to be linked to each other to form a 'network' of bookings which are then allocated to the same part of the campsite.  This is done as part of the customer journey through the system.

It works best if the lead booker books first and shares their booking reference with the other group members who can then search for the first booking and then link to it. This happens at the point where the booking system asks 'are you camping with others or likely to?'.  All linked bookings will be in the same part of the campsite and can pitch together.   

Please consult for the latest Coronavirus update and information regarding permitted group sizes.