Bedgebury Camping is campfire friendly

Bedgebury Camping is a campsite that allows real campfires.  There is something truly hypnotic about the ever changing pattern, shape and colour of the flames of burning wood. The reassuring crackle and hiss of logs together with the glow of the hot embers providing a comforting focus as darkness falls. With the campfire providing heat and light, it is easy to imagine how campfires have remained the centre of social gatherings around the world. In our technology rich lives, reacquainting ourselves with this simple way of life is a definite boost for the soul.

Campfires at Bedgebury Camping

Having chosen your pitch, its important to consider where to position the campfire. Far enough away from the tents and with plenty of room to sit round. Pick up a fire pit from around the campground, which helps to contain the fire, and roll this into position. Using paper, kindling and logs light your fire before nightfall. Keep your fire going with natural logs, the burning of pallets or treated wood is banned as these can give off toxic fumes and leaves huge numbers of nails, all of which can be dangerous. In the morning empty the ash into the ash bins ready for the next fire.


Cooking by campfire

The campfire is still the best way to cook outdoors. A cast iron cooking pot or a special skillet is best to cook over flames. Let the flames die back and cook directly on coals, or place a grill over the heat to use as a barbeque. The timeless and socialable way however has always been with a stick.

Campfire basics:

  • Choose a clear flat area away from trees and bushes with no overhanging branches
  • Gather Tinder (small twigs, paper), Kindling (small sticks) and firewood (ensure that it is fallen/dead wood)
  • Build a fire structure starting with the tinder in the centre, layer it over the tinder in a tepee shape (not too thickly and leave a gap), Light at the base
  • Blow fire at base as necessary and replace kindling until the fire is burning well
  • Add firewood

Campfire safety

Campfires can be dangerous and we rely on your common sense to respect everyone's safety. If you are unsure please use the following guidelines.

  • Always supervise young children whilst on the campsite.
  • Use a fire pit to contain your fire.
  • Warn children of the hazards of campfires, do not let them touch fire pits or approach the campfire.
  • Don't leave your campfire unattended or attended to by children.
  • Ensure that you have a good supply of water to control and put the fire out when necessary.
  • Don't use highly flammable liquids (such as petrol) on campfires as this is extremely dangerous.
  • Only burn wood, other materials can produce toxic fumes and are difficult to clean up.
  • Ensure the campfire is fully extinguished before leaving it.
  • Do not empty the ash/embers from the fire pit on to the ground.  Use ash bins provided.

Campfire tips

  • Keep a lighter handy so you don't have to rely on matches
  • Keep any matches in a waterproof container