Dog friendly camping in Kent

Bedgebury Camping is a dog-friendly campsite in Kent with nearby dog walks.  We ask that dogs are kept on leads at all times in the camping fields and that owners take full responsibility for their pets including cleaning up after them and ensuring they do not cause a disturbance to other campers, livestock, local wildlife or walkers. 

We can provide a bio-degradable dog poop bag on request by owners, if required. 

Rules and etiquette of a dog-friendly campsite at Bedgebury Camping

  • As we are a family campsite situated on a farm we cannot accept any dangerous breeds, or any dogs which show aggressive behaviour towards other animals or children. These breeds include American XL Bully, Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro. 
  • Please only bring well behaved pets; a dog prone to barking will cause annoyance to other campers
  • Please clean up after your pet and dispose of the waste in the appropriate bins
  • Please keep dogs on a leash at all times whilst in the campsite.
  • Ensure that they do not intimidate livestock, local wildlife or walkers or other campers
  • A maximum of 2 dogs per family group
Please note that the Management reserve the right to ask patrons to leave the site if their pets are causing disturbance or pose a health risk to others.

Equipment for camping with dogs

  • A collapsible cage for your pet to sleep in at night and to settle in during the daytime, but never leave your pet in his cage and go out for the day
  • Plastic food bowls and water bowls for pets, it is also well worth considering a non spill travel bowl that has a lip around the rim of the bowl that stops water being spilt
  • Bagged up daily food rations for the number of days that you are away
  • A small holdall with his bowls, blanket, towel, brush and food packed in it means that all his equipment is stored in one place. If your pet is on medication this can be stored in his bag along with his other possessions
  • For larger pets there is a metal screw available from camping suppliers that can be screwed into the ground and has a loop for the lead to be attached to for safety
  • Just as you would carry a first aid kit for the family you can also have a kit for your pet, available from most pet stores
  • An extra tag for your pet's collar in case he is lost. Perhaps with the words 'I am on my holiday' and a mobile phone number would be a good idea as he would then be returned to you faster

Camping with the family pet can be a pleasurable experience if a little thought and planning is made in advance.

Pet Injuries and illness

There is a local vet a short distance from the campsite:
Goudhurst Veterinary Surgery
Bedgebury Road, Goudhurst, Kent, TN17 2QT
Tel: 01580 211981

Cost for pets at Bedgebury Camping

There is a small charge for bringing your pet camping (Prices)


Dog-friendly places to visit in Kent

If you are book to stay at Bedgebury Camping and want to take your pet out with you for the day, our team at Reception will gladly advise dog-friendly places to visit in Kent that are within easy reach of the campsite.