Bedgebury camping in Kent – summer holiday opening

Bedgebury Camping in Kent is only open for a limited period over the summer. This short opening keeps the site unspoilt and allows us to concentrate on making everyone's stay a memorable one.  It is available for weekend camping trips starting in June including August Bank Holiday 2021. 

Opening times for 2021 - shown highlighted in orange

* Due to Coronavirus Opening Times are subject to change based on Government guidance.

** If a date becomes highlighted in red, it has become unavailable and is therefore unbookable.  


Bedgebury Camping - Checking in and Checking out

The campsite Reception is open for check ins from 11am and closes at 6pm (7pm on Fridays). Check out is 12 noon after the night of stay. If you would like to stay an extra night please come to Reception to find out if this is possible.   

All visitors to Bedgebury Camping are required to report to Reception on arrival. This will ensure that we are aware that you are on site and have allocated you to the correct camping field.