Fathers Day camping gift

Father’s Day 2020 falls on Sunday 21 June.  If each year you struggle to think of an original or unusual Father’s Day gift, why not suggest a family camping trip in 2020 where Dad gets to be the VIP.

However, there are benefits not just for Dad but for the whole family too:

Best camping meals

The food does not have to be anything fancy but for those with demanding jobs, the very act of eating with the family has been found to reduce tension and strain.  Furthermore, family mealtimes have been shown to provide a sense of security and a feeling of belonging, especially for younger children and teenagers are more likely to be emotionally strong and have better mental health if they regularly share mealtimes with their families.  At Bedgebury Camping the opportunity to cook and eat the best camping meals around campfires will created treasured memories and and a powerful bonding experience for the whole family.  


Campsite with activities

It is not unusual for families to have busy schedules with parents juggling their own careers and organising the lives of their children.  Time to be together as a family can easily fall to the bottom of the priority list.  Playing games together releases endorphins, teaches good sportsmanship, enhances vocabulary, improves concentration skills and provides bonding experiences for those involved.  At Bedgebury Camping we can provide the space for you to play your own games but we also have a new range of fun activities and games that can be played at your camping pitch and these include ladder golf, giant Connect 4 and swing ball.  Families that play together stay together! Hiring goods. 

Go camping in the summer

Leave the familiar and often distracting world of home behind for a short while and all share in the sense of discovery that you get when arriving in a new place. Make your new destination home for a couple days and bond through having to adjust to a new environment and to eat, sleep and communicate in a different way.  

Bedgebury Camping is open for weekends during the summer and offers a back to basics approach to camping in wide, open, natural spaces and campsite fields for those families who want to travel and spend time together 

Not only is this an unusual Fathers Day present and opportunity for Dad to be the focus for the day but going on a camping trip with the family will help promote wellness, strengthen family bonds and provide meaningful shared experiences.  So, it is a win-win all around!

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