Bushcraft courses for children at Bedgebury Camping 2019

For ages 7 – 15


Firelighting (runs on selected Saturdays)

Learn about the fire triangle, tinders, ignition methods, wood types and then practise different ways to make fire.  £8.00 per participant. 60 minutes' duration.  


Campfire cooking (runs on selected Saturdays)

Make a bannock bread using foraged ingredients, for cooking over a campfire.  £8.00 per participant. 60 minutes in duration. 


Search & Navigate (runs on selected Saturdays)

A physical activity designed to test map orientation, direction and time-keeping skills as teams race around the campsite searching for locations on a map.  £6.00 per participant. 60 minutes' duration. 


Camp Craft (runs on selected Saturdays)

Get creative and make a usable mini bow and arrow in this craft session.  Using skewers, electrical tape, string and cork to construct a safe but fun mini replica.  £8.00 per participant. 60 minutes duration. 


Explorers (runs on selected Saturdays)

Get in tune with nature on this exploration of the woods, hedgerows and fields around the campsite.  Observe creatures in their natural habitats and learn how to identify tracks and signs of animal life.  £8.00 per participant. 60 minutes' duration. 


Escape & Evasion (runs on selected Sundays)

A group activity led by the instructor where camouflage and silent stalking techniques together with detection and evasion skills are taught and then put into practise in this woodland hide-and-seek-style challenge. £6.00 per participant.  90 minutes' duration. 


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Other Courses for Children

Kids Archery

Are you up for the Robin Hood challenge? Learn how to fire a bow and arrow, and see if you are a modern day Robin Hood.  £13.00 per participant.  90 minutes' duration. 


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