Bedgebury Camping music events


Since the campsite started in 2010, we have been fortunate enough to host some memorable music events for customers on a specific days over the summer.  Last year we saw performances from H and Em, Nick Eve, Matt Dolphin, Chris Shepherd, Amelia Street, Essie West, Kings of Oblivion and the fun fest that is Musn’t Grumble.

These events are an opportunity to meet other campers, share the sociable vibe, have some fun and possibly bring out some favourite festival dance moves!

We are hoping that we can create these experiences for customers again this year.  Despite our best efforts, however, sometimes these events don’t work out as they are subject to a number of external factors. This means we cannot guarantee them.  So, if you are interested in these events or this aspect of a camping trip is important to you, please contact us for more information prior to booking.