Bedgebury Camping music events

It is our intention to have music across five Saturdays in 2022.  Our music events are subject to licence approval and also whether we can find performers, but we will endeavour do put on live music when we can but we cannot guarantee this.  If this aspect of your camping trip is important to you, please contact us for more information prior to booking. 

This entertainment is provided to all campers for free, however where you have enjoyed the artist please feel free to show your appreciation.

Food and drink is available to purchase during the camping events.   

For up to date information on dates and type of event please go to the Bedgebury Camping Facebook page.


Camping Musicians

Over the last couple of years we've been fortunate enough to have a number of local artists come and perform for free at the campsite.

We'd espcially like to thank the following individuals and groups for providing some truely magical evenings.

Musn't Grumble, Jezz and Clare, Lucy Baxter, Chris Marsh, Sarah Flotel, Yoshi and Harvey, Charles Pring, Tom Parrish's band, the Howlin' Blue Moons, Goo Goos and Shimmer & Strings.